well I am a bit moody.Normally my best description would be experimental, passionate, overenthusiastic, high risk taking, straight forward, yes-no attitude.i normally take care of people who had helped me genuinely(return a favor to better phrase it).Prefer to study anything associated with philosophy or various personality or what happens in others mind.Any satire,or that sort of stuff.I am not interested in finding a new star but you can say i am genuinely interested in physics especially chaos.I am football tactics fan,a cerebral or thought provoking movie fan,genuinely interested in computer technology,a coder,an encryption enthusiast etc.Prefer to keep business and personal life separate.Other than that i am an absolute idiot and sort of don’t know what to do in a lot of situation.And don’t think you know me…i might surprise you(i quite often surprise myself for that matter)

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